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Success Stories  

ACH would like to share a short video of inspirational stories from 3 of our tenants. The purpose of the video is to raise awareness of the struggles that so many people go through and how ACH are helping them transform their lives for the better. 
Parisa Sharifi 
Originally from Iran, Parisa moved to Birmingham in April 2016, having spent 5 months in London. But upon arrival to the city, the pressures of a new place and not knowing anybody began to take a toll on Parisa. She soon began to feel lonely and isolated. Luckily, Parisa found ACH and her life soon began to be filled with joy once more. 
Deq Abdi 
Deq is originally from Somalia. He has been a learner with ACH since 2015, attending many courses. He was keen to get working and find a suitable job so he could have a fulfilling life in Bristol. ACH helped him to do this, and he has now found a job he loves. 
Samir is originally from Sudan and has been with ACH for 8 months. In Sudan, Samir had already starting an Accountancy course but unfortunately had to leave his home country before he could finish. However, he is now leaving ACH to start an Accountancy degree in September at Wolverhampton University.  
Safia has been an ACH tenant since October 2014 and has recently started attending some classes run by us. When Safia came to ACH she had little confidence in spoken English and often needed to use a translator. She now attends the English My Way course which has helped increase her confidence and improve her grasp of the English language. 
Jade became a tenant with ACH in May 2014. She joined ACH in the hope of becoming more independent. Jade has been living in Birmingham all her life, but decided to move out of the family home to build on her life skills. Jade met with her support worker on a monthly basis, working towards targets set out in an action plan. 
Fahd and Keysa 
Fahd Abdi and Keysa Moussa, both Somali nationals, were turned down finance by their bank, but needed a loan to buy a van and tools to allow them to grow their maintenance business into the wider Bristol area. ACH introduced them to Fredrick’s Bristol and Bath who gave them a loan to allow them to buy their van and tools. 
Originally from Sudan, Adam travelled through Sudan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy and France before arriving in the UK. Adam joined ACH in 2012 when he left National Asylum Support Service (NASS) accommodation. During his escape from the conflict in Sudan and the resulting long journey, Adam was separated from his wife, who was forced to remain in Egypt. 
Mohammed Ibrahim 
After moving to Bristol from Sudan in 2015, Mohammed was put in contact with ACH to help him integrate into UK life. He completed many courses and received help and guidance from our support team. He now speaks English confidently and has a full-time job which he loves.  
Mariam Sayed 
Mariam is originally from Eritrea, and has been with ACH since 2016. She is now moving on to relocate in London, with ambitions to set up a catering business in the future. During her time at ACH she completed many courses and has built up her confidence in many areas. 
Aymen is originally from Syria. He arrived in the UK in January 2014 and was provided with secure accommodation close to Birmingham City Centre. Aymen moved to Birmingham from Derby in the hope of making friends and exploring a larger city. At first, Aymen found life in Birmingham challenging; with no family in the UK and few friends, he turned to ACH who provided him with the support. 
Fatma has been a tenant with ACH since June 2013. Fatma came to the UK after being forced to leave Somalia because of the civil war. Fatma had completed part of her degree but had to leave before she could graduate. She wanted to continue with her studies despite the difficulties she would face in doing so in a new country. 
Originally from Somalia, Abdirahman became a citizen of The Netherlands before moving to the UK. He joined ACH in 2012 after having faced a dreadful housing experience with his previous housing provider; his property was under constant repair issues and soon he found his housing affecting his ability to integrate within the local community. 
Nouraldin is originally from Sudan, arrivng in the UK as a refugee in the hope of finding sanctuary. He has been in the UK for over 9 months and is adapting well to British life after facing a severe amount of pressure within his first few months of being in the UK. Nouraldin initially found the UK to be very daunting. 
Having been forced to flee the Republic of Congo, Helene decided to relocate to France to pursue an education. After having successfully completed further education, Helene gained a BA degree in Technical Management and Finance at University. With the ability to speak English, French, Spanish and Congolese, Helene was offered a job within a large worldwide company in Central London. 
Ishaq Sseruwugge 
Ishaq is originally from Uganda, and was with ACH for 6 months as a tenant. Recently, Ishaq graduated from university where he was studying Nursing. ACH helped him to follow his dreams through ongoing support such as help with applications, IT courses and more.  
Mohammed Ali 
Mohammed is originally from Syria where he was forced to leave the country because of the war. He now has been reunited with his family thanks to ACH, and is a valued member of our community through his volunteering roles and continued enthusiasm for learning, contributing and making friends. 
Adib has been a tenant with ACH Bristol since January 2014. Adib arrived in the UK in 2013, after being forced to flee the conflict in Syria. Adib had no choice but to leave his family behind when he left Syria. Adib was initially housed in National Asylum Support Service (NASS) accommodation in Cardiff and moved into an ACH house as soon as he had received his refugee status. 
Haile is originally from Yemen. He arrived into the UK in late 2013 as a result of conflict in his home country. He joined ACH in early 2014 and we have supported Haile with his finance and benefits, legal and immigration activities, employment, training, and housing. 
Pedro is originally from Spain and he arrived in the UK in 2012 in the hope of finding employment. Pedro is highly educated with a degree in Politics and soon after completion of his studies he began employment within his chosen field as a Senior Official to the Political Part of the Angola Government in Portugal. 
After having faced a difficult experience in Cameroon, the UK seemed like a fresh start for Danielle. However, upon arrival, Danielle did not know where or who to turn to. Danielle met with her support worker at ACT every fortnight, who allocated time each session for advising her on what to do with regards to her housing, employment, education, and further training. 
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