Meet the board: Andy Burkitt 

Article by:  
Rose Adderley  
Marketing & Communications Assistant | ACH Bristol 
Every month we will be introducing a new board member of Ashley Community Housing. This month it's the turn of Andy Burkitt, Chair of ACH. 
My names Andy Burkitt and I’ve been the Chair since the start of ACH, but I was first involved in housing when Shelter started in the 60s and I’ve set up several other housing associations. Fuad Mahamed and myself, Fuad is our chief executive, and myself started ACH back in 2008. It’s our tenth anniversary this coming year, 2018. I’ve been a member of the board ever since and saw us into being a housing association as well and I’ve just stuck with it. 
What do you think you have contributed to the board and to ACH as a whole? 
I think I give them political information and help them with dealing with local councils and the government. I certainly have the background knowledge of about communities and housing; I was a youth worker, I also set up various charities and I’m a trustee still for about eight charities and I do training for community work. But above all else, I’ve been involved at board level for organisations for about 40 years, so I can actually run a board and check that it’s functioning and begin to sort out the succession planning for it. 
What are your future aspirations personally and with ACH? 
With ACH I’ll have to step down next year as chair because you can only do so many years as chair of a housing association. I’m going to stay on the board, but we’re going into an exciting new phase of development now and I’ll be involved with that, which is to build our own houses. So that’s the key bit, for myself – take it easy! 
Next month will see a new introduction to a board member so stay tuned! 
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