ACH in Sweden for A.R.I.V.E Project 

Article by:  
Morrisen Mamutse  
Support Team Leader | ACH Birmingham 
On 27th & 28th November ACH attended a project road mapping meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, as part of our involvement in the ARIVE project. 
The ARIVE (Accepted, Resettled, Integrated, Valued, and Employed) project aims to improve the integration journey for refugees, by looking at the factors which inhibit and enable their entry into the labour market. 
This project spans five European countries, with ACH working alongside Dimitra (Greece), Rinova (UK), ERIFO (Italy) and FolkUniversitertet (Sweden). The project will last for three years and is funded by the EU Erasmus + programme. 
For the first stage of the project, from now until April 2018, we will be looking at integration for low skilled refugees and carrying out research with a number of stakeholders and beneficiaries across the West Midlands and West of England. 
What does this project mean to ACH and our tenants? 
This research links in with our #rethinkingrefugee campaign, which aims to challenge stereotypes about refugees, and see them as assets, not liabilities. Our tenants have already shown that they just need the right support to acquire skills, to enable them to access work or education and contribute back to society, socially and economically. 
ARIVE will be used to improve the integration journey for our tenants and help them progress into quality jobs in local labour markets. 
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