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Fictional imagineering is the ability to visualise your future ambitions, and implement them into your business. By using this technique we can create a positive and sustainable future for refugees.  
How much would businesses pay to be able to see into the future? By adopting a technique called fictional imagineering, the answer is nothing. Fictional imagineering is the ability to visualise your future ambitions, and implement them into your business. It is widely regarded that predictions tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies. By imagining a successful business, each day will ensure impactful actions are taken to elevate the business. 
ACH and fictional imagineering 
ACH as an organisation aims to invest in people’s future. We imagine a world where refugees aren’t made to suffer or be ignored. Instead we hope to change the perception people hold. Implementing fictional imagineering into our organisation, we have been able to move away from the bottom line, refusing to solely look at funding opportunities and how to invest back into the communities we serve. Instead we are able to look at the bigger picture and visualise what our mission and aims are for our organisation. In our quest to become the leading organisation in the refugee sector, we need to become innovative and daring in our approach. 
To date we have supported 2,500 individuals into a quality job at ACH, and are aiming to work with 25,000 over the next ten years. We can only imagine how our impact will shape the refugee sector over this time. By utilising fictional imagineering we’ve already seen the benefits refugees bring. This offers the organisation a source of creativity and an outlet for our ambitions, whilst preventing the organisation from appearing reductive. We have the freedom to imagine as much as we want and choose our direction without any limitations, creating a better and inclusive system that benefits all. 
Ultimately, we look to our tenants, most from refugee backgrounds, choosing to see them as individuals each bringing a unique story. As an organisation stressing the importance of equal opportunity, it is their narrative that steers our organisation in providing what is needed to ease their assimilation into the UK. We ultimately discover their needs, empower their decisions and work to achieve their dreams. 
Hopes for the future 
To this end, we hope the blueprint of our organisation is replicated and implemented across the world, in our aim to become the leading organisation in the refugee sector. We provide an alternative long-term solution to the refugee crisis by moving away from the immediate and humanitarian aspect. Instead we choose to think ahead, by upskilling, educating and finding employment for refugees. As opposed to watching people remain in limbo in refugee camps or detention centres, we hand them back their futures. We choose to see refugees as humans with viable skills and invest in their futures. We believe by doing so, those same refugees will one day return to build their countries with the skills they’ve acquired, becoming effective sources in enabling and preparing for peace. Ultimately, the future we imagine for refugees is the one we are working hard to create at ACH. 
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