Wolverhampton Wrekin Walk 

Article by:  
Emma Hide  
Volunteer/Work Experience | ACH Wolverhampton 
On Saturday 19th August, Ashley Community Housing invited their tenants and learners to join staff members and their friends and family to travel to Telford and climb the Wrekin. Arriving at around twelve, we took a relaxed stroll and reached the summit in time for lunch. Together we found a sheltered area and unloaded a picnic, sharing the food different people had prepared. Whilst surrounded in stunning scenery, great conversations were had over beautiful food. Just as lunch was over, a great shower commenced and we hastily packed up and began our walk down the Wrekin. 
After reaching the bottom, we decided to visit a local coffee shop in Wellington. After enjoying a warm drink, the friends and family said their goodbyes and the rest of the team returned to Wolverhampton, arriving home in the early evening. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, and more importantly, new friendships were made. We hope to be doing many more similar events in the near future, and will continue to encourage our tenants and learners to engage with the public and each other through events like this. 
At Ashley Community Housing our aim is to see all of our service users gain their independence and valuable life skills that will enable them to access the job market and permanent accommodation, with good physical and mental health and stronger community integration. 
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