New Course Leads to Jobs 

Article by:  
Melissa Tredinnick  
Content Marketing Intern | ACH Bristol 
This July, our introductory course for working as a cleaner saw great success, with half the group passing their job interviews and likely to move into work. 
The course ran over two days, during which the main aspects of working in cleaning, health and safety, using equipment and what to expect from the job were covered, along with interview skills to prepare attendees for their upcoming applications. 
Those attending the course then had the opportunity to interview for hospital and office cleaning positions with Blue Arrow and the NHS. 
Of the 8 people who attended the course, 4 gained job interviews with Blue Arrow, and are now expected to move into employment with them. Everyone who attended left the course feeling more confident about going into work, and better prepared for future interviews. 
Our Careers Adviser, Julia Palmer, had a positive response from those who came along: ‘The feedback I got from learners was that it really helped their confidence in terms of job interviews. It was a pleasure to work with such an engaging group, and to see them move on to work!’ 
One of the successful learners, Lisa, said: ‘The best thing about it was securing a job!’ 
We will be running the cleaning course again later in the year. To find out about this and the other vocational courses we run in Bristol: see our full course timetable. For more information contact 
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