ACH Wolverhampton joined the final mile of Migrate 2017 

Article by:  
Rose Adderley  
Marketing & Communications Intern| ACH Bristol 
21-year-old Philippa Williamson and two other students have completed their 100 mile walk in aide of the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund. Migrate 2017 is a project that aims to bridge the disconnect between the British public and refugees of the conflict in Syria. Philippa explained Migrate 2017 before she set off: “As I reach the end of my bachelor’s degree in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, I have elected to make my homeward journey by foot. Together with friends I have met during my time at university, I will be walking 100 miles from Huddersfield to Wolverhampton across 5 days”. 
The journey home after completing time at university is one that almost every student is guaranteed to make. It's a joyous occasion that symbolises a transition to a new life. However, Philippa made this journey to raise awareness of the many perilous journeys refugees are making to flee their countries full of conflict. 
“I hope to get through to other students and point their attention toward the much longer and more treacherous journeys across Europe being made by refugees right now. I know that there is a home waiting for me at the end of my journey, and I recognise this as a privilege many people don't have" – Philippa Williamson. 
Their walk took them down the western ridge of the Peak District, via Huddersfield, Glossop, Buxton, Leek, Stafford and ended up in Wolverhampton - Philippa’s home town. Tenants and staff from Ashley Community Housing met the 3 students to walk their last mile with them side by side. It was a worthy cause that ACH wanted to participate in and to show their support for the students. 
So far, the students have made £1,425 of their £3,000 target to raise funds for the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund, and donations close on the 14th July. The Syrian Refugee Relief Fund is a small charity that has been set up to raise urgently needed money to provide relief to refugees in Syria and neighbouring countries. 
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