Meet the Board: Sado Jirde 

Article by:  
Rose Adderley  
Marketing & Communications Assistant | ACH Bristol 
Every month we will be introducing a new board member of Ashley Community Housing. Up first is Sado Jirde, Director of Black South West Network and a recent addition to our board.  
Could you tell me a bit about your previous experience? 
So, I’ve worked with Black South West Network for the past ten years which is a regional BME infrastructure organisation based in Bristol but works across the South West, campaigning for race equality. We work with policy makers, decision makers, and we do research – mainly in terms of addressing racial inequality. We work with national organisations. 
Perhaps it’s been my job after finishing university. I came out and I wanted to be an accountant from the University of Gloucestershire, and then I accidently fell into the voluntary sector. And then an opportunity came up with Black South West Network. I applied as a logistics and policy officer. 
Why did you choose to become a board member for ACH? 
It wasn’t hard, it’s an organisation I have been aware of as an BME infrastructure organisation – our role is mainly supporting the BME sector. I think I’ve been aware of the work that ACH does in terms of the community and it’s been a great organisation that I’ve already admired, and I’ve seen it grow to become what it is now. 
I think as a person I am also fundamentally, incredibly proud around supporting refugees and asylum seekers. It’s something very close to my heart and to be able to contribute to the organisation is a privilege. 
What are your future aspirations personally and with ACH? 
That’s a big question! In terms of me, continue to grow BSWN. 
I think in terms of ACH, it is to continue to see it grow as an organisation and as a leader in the sector. And to just see that success continuing - it’s good to see their story and to be a part of it. 
Next month will see a new introduction to a board member so stay tuned! 
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