ACH & CodeDoor: Educating Refugees in Coding 

Article by:  
Deena Baskin-Atkinson 
Outreach & Training Officer | ACH Birmingham 
Ashley Community Housing is excited to be partnering with CodeDoor, a non-profit organisation from Germany that educates refugees in computer programming. CodeDoor’s mission is to aid integration by improving refugees’ employment opportunities, with refugees able to earn a programming qualification in under a year. Our Birmingham branch is pleased to be working with CodeDoor to bring this wonderful opportunity to refugees in the West Midlands. 
CodeDoor’s model is based on four essential components: an efficient workspace, e-learning content, laptops, and a community of inspired individuals. Currently, we have access to the e-learning content and a suitable workspace, and we are in the process of building our network and our community. Terry Williamson, our talented volunteer facilitator, is currently engaging students in the first phase of the programme. As we secure more learners, however, we anticipate a great need for laptops and would deeply appreciate any donations. Furthermore, if you would like to work with us to foster career opportunities for our participants, we welcome the partnership. 
Please contact the Birmingham branch of Ashley Community Housing for additional information. Tel. 0121 565 3384
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