Deq's Story 

Article by:  
Rose Adderley  
Marketing & Communication Assistant | ACH Bristol 
Deq is originally from Somalia and has been a learner with Ashley Community Housing since 2015. He has completed several courses run by Ashley Community Housing including, English, Maths, Employability and Health & Social Care. Before this he also completed six other courses in another organisation, showing how hard he has worked in order to benefit his new life in the UK. 
“When I came to ACH I always have someone to help me, and it helped me a lot. I am thankful for people taking the time to help me.” – Deq Abdi. 
He recently came into our Bristol office to give our support team a personal thank you for supporting him in finding a job. He has worked at various places since moving to Bristol – boasting his great passion for being self-sustained by only being at the Job Centre for 3 months. 
However, he was struggling to find a suitable job that he could see himself in for a sustained period of time. Our support staff helped him to search for jobs and now Deq finds himself in a job he loves. 
He now works at Portway in Bristol doing security. “This is a job with lots of responsibility” says Deq, which is something he has always wanted from work. 
Matilda Kay, one of our support team members who worked closely with Deq, has great things to say; “Deq always comes to the office with a smile. He is focused and resilient in improving his life. We are very proud of what he has achieved”
Pictured below, Deq and Matilda. 
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